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Friday, November 06, 2009

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Examination

Doctoral Dissertation Proposal Examination a.k.a proposal defense...

What is a proposal defense?
A proposal defense, which consists of an oral presentation and an oral examination, is one of the steps designed to prepare you to become an independent researcher. During the proposal defense you will explain the general problem or research area of your work. You will demonstrate your understanding of the background material in this area and your general grasp of how the problem you have picked fits into the big picture. Before your proposal defense, you will submit a written dissertation proposal to your proposal committee.

alhamdulillah akhirnya lulus juga oral examination nih..kini lepas ler satu tanggungjawab.. at least bila hantar progress report ke KPT dan UPSI takder ler nampak terlalu kosong..hati ini terlalu berbunga-bunga setelah usaha selama 10 bulan mula menampakkan hasilnya..rasa cm nk terbang pon ader yahoooooooo...

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