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Wednesday, December 08, 2010

parenting your defiant child (part 1)

Bought this book at big bad wolf warehouse sale. Only cost me about RM8 (after 70% discount)-berbaloi2..written by Dr Alan E.Kazdin..belom habis baca but for intro Dr Alan suggest this easy step..ABC

- A for antecedent : The way you model behavior your child, the instruction you give, the prompt you offer to guide your child and the context that sets up the behavior
-B for behavior: working on child behavior like give child repeated opportunity 
-C for consequence: what comes after behavior such as praise, attention...and so on

owh one more..don't use 'NO' word when you want to stop your child from doing something that you don't like..

situation 1: mama tak bagi kimi tengok ultraman dekat you tube
kimi: ammaaa....nak omen..
mama: laptop mama takde jadi tak boleh tengok ultraman
kimi: nak omen..nak omen..ane laptop..kat atas..aner ma

*avoid using 'NO'

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