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Sunday, April 03, 2011

List of NLP conference based on core comp science ranking

Below is a detail of conference and its ranking for 2011 (especially for NLP, IR,AI and text processing)

submission deadline:  April 20, 2011 (Pisa, Italy)
Ranking: B

submission deadline: April 20, 2011 (Romania)
Ranking: A

submission deadline: May 20, 2011 (Thailand)
Ranking: A

submission deadline:  28 June 2011, 2011 (Australia)
Ranking: B

submission deadline:  August 8th (Thursday), 2011 (Singapore)
Ranking: B

haper lagi..mari la kita plan sama2..


limaedua said...

thanks su..brilliant info..=)

atoyis said...

you're welcome..aper lagi kak ju moh le kita gi thailand


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