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Friday, April 22, 2011

not a food lover (buat masa ni jek)

I’m losing my appetite (not pregnant..of course..bendera merah ni). As usual after asking pak google I found so many answer regarding evening primrose oil and the side effect. Should I say it is a good sign for me since I want to lose some weight? (apakah ko teringin jadi zombie yg kurus keding) lah. Actually I want to reduce my belly size not my body weight.

Currently I’m taking EPO as supplement. The idea is to shoo away my period pain. The result is brilliant but in the same time I lose my appetite. Last night I got so many question from Toy..”What’s wrong laling”..”You marah I balik lambat yer”..”My boss tanya bini you marah ke you balik lambat”..”You de masalah dengan study ker”..”You kenapa”..”Kenapa you tak makan”..”masak merah you sedap”..”kalau you taknk makan I abiskan lah yer..(ahahah blh tak)”..

Haih..entahlah. hmm..planning to do something this evening. Ker nak temankan kimi cycling..waaa..menarik..but since I’m not in a mood to eat anything..rasanya aku tak larat kot nk tolak kimi turun naik bukit. Then ajak kimi main bola sambil berkejar-kejaran..haaa..blh gitu..ok la see ya..nnti I upload gamba yer 

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