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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

stroller atau jogger mana satu pilihan kalbu?

between stroller and jogger..which one is convenient? I do a simple research and this is my opinion..jujur dan ikhlas (blh..tu pon nk mention)

what is stroller?
A "stroller" (North American English) or "buggy" (British English, "push chair" being previously used as well but less currently) has the child (generally up to three years old) in a sitting position, usually facing forwards, instead of facing the pusher. (wiki) - kalau dlm research wiki tak blh pakai tp kalau research main2 aku suker pakai wiki..kikikiki

tapi aper pulak jogger ek?
Jogging strollers are often called the SUVs of strollers. Unlike traditional strollers, joggers sport three wheels instead of four -- they also cost two to four times as much as standard strollers. Most owners and experts say they offer a smoother ride than four-wheeled strollers, thanks to their larger wheels, and they typically have more storage space in the form of under-seat cargo baskets, seat pockets and cup holders. On the other hand, jogging strollers aren't as compact or maneuverable as regular strollers. They don't fit as easily into trunks, and they weigh more.( consumersearch )

kekadang tu ader pulak umbrella stroller..pebentu tu plak?
Umbrella strollers represent some of the oldest style strollers found in stroller history whose many benefits have helped it from turning into obsolete. The attraction to umbrella strollers is found in the umbrella strollers’ light-weight style and compact abilities.These are usually made of a light-weight metal or plastic material that includes a hammock style seating centered to place your child in. The frame of these are collapsible, helping to relinquish them the name related to the collapsible talents of curved handled umbrellas.

While umbrella strollers are nice for the mom or dad on the go with inadequate area offered, they also provide disadvantages in comparison to different strollers. The hammock accessory found with umbrella strollers are designed to seat the kid only, leaving no further space or different compartment to store items such as diaper baggage, purses or errand associated items. Additionally, the light-weight frames of umbrella strollers don’t build them the sturdiest strollers making it ill suggested for a parent who incorporates a very active child.(minicityjogger)

untuk kimi

Ha..rega stroller2 ni bukannya murah tau..murah lagi rega tayar keta kita..jadi sebelum beli makanya survey la dulu yer..

jadi lepas membandingkan rega dengan duit poket..mak apak kimi beli la sweet cherry jogger..time tu dh tak bape pikir lagi sgt sbb kimi pon blm kuar mak apak jek excited nk beli jogger..kimi pon tak test duduk dlm tu lagi..(sila jgn tiru kitaorg yer)..nk beli quinny baik le beli sport rim baru utk kete jek yer..hahaha blh pakai lama gak..

utk mak apak yg pentingkan kebersihan..walaupun color merah itu cun tapi kalau der color itam sila ambik yg itam yer sebabnya bila kalau dh nama stroller..cuaca hujan pon terpaksa redah jugak..kalau tak silalah rajin2 kan tangan cuci stroller sebulan sekali

anak i ni kalau apak dia ada dia allergic skit dok dlm stroller..kalau apak dia takder tu len cite..

tapikan..sebelum beli stroller atau jogger sila pastikan yg anda beli adalah
1. yang penting selamat..sila avoid compartment yg sesilap haribulan jari anak blh putus yer..ader cam ni..dh le beli memahal kan

tak sure cover utk safety ada jual kat mesia atau tidak..arrgghhh..sib baik aku tak beli

2. i nikan..kalau guna stroller pon masa jln dua2 dengan kimi time apak kimi takder..tak larat nk dukung kimi sorang2 jadi kena guna stroller..toy tak suka guna stroller..jgn beli stroller yg terlalu bulky yer dan jgn beli yg lebih 6kg ke atas..i tak larat nk manage sorang2..masuk dlm bonet kete pon stroller dia sorang jek dh penuh..tu fasal lah apak dia tak suka bwk stroller gi memana..kan dh membazir..penat tau i nk punggah turun naik stroller sensorang..

jadi makanya untuk jln2 i perlukan umbrella stroller untuk tolak kimi..hmm..kena survey lagi ler sesapa tahu tak umbrella stroller yg cun lagi menawan tapi rega jgn la bagi yg terlalu menawan..kejung plak poket mak apak kimi kang

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