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Thursday, July 14, 2011

I vote for glass baby bottles..

This is my opinion..
There are 3 groups of mummies:
  1. The first group: Always make sure the bottle and tits are sterilized. Bottle need to change every 3 months. Doesn't care about the brand as long as it is BPA free.
  2. The second group: fashionable mum. Love to buy fancy bottle. Used different bottle when travel. Doesn’t care about the price as long as it look fancy.
  3. The third group: busy mum. Normally have more than 5 young kids to look after (range 1-7 years old). Time is precious. 
The variable is (as long as you have can buy everything that you want)

Now days you can get these types of baby bottle in the market:
-BPA free baby bottle (made from plastic)
-Glass baby bottle (of course made from glass)
-Baby bottle with disposable liner

What are you going to choose?
Before the government come out with the BPA issues, emak always ask me

Emak: botol baru lagi..tukar lagi..banyaknyer botol kimi
Me: 3 bulan sekali tukar botol
Emak: azim tak pernah tukar botol pon sejak dr emak jaga (baby yg emak jaga)
Me: mak dia tak perasan kot
Emak: haah kot..patutla Ila dulu selalu hantar botol baru utk Haikal
Me: hmm..botol plastic kena tukar 3 bulan sekali
Emak: nnti le mak tanya mak azim..tapi yg org selalu beli botol memahal tu kena tukar jugak ke..
Me: nk selamat kena tukar la..kita kan selalu rendam botol dengan air panas..plastik kena air panas..takut le jd macam2..

So when the government declares to ban all BPA bottle, I start replace baby plastic bottle with glass bottle. I bought this for Kimi (anggap ini adalah training utk 1st glass bottle). 

This is the first impression from Kimi.."kimi nyer ke ni..amma nape berat botol ni..penat tangan nk pegang"
hahahah "takpe la Kimi..bersusah-susah dahulu nk minum susu bersenang-senang kemudian". At first Kimi refuse to use this bottle because I always told him to handle it with extra care. After 1-2 weeks Kimi get use into it. He managed to handle his glass bottle perfectly.

Later I bought this eventflo glass bottle. 
Love the bottle and the plastic so much. It has good quality compare to Pureen (of course la..tengok harga pon tahu)..but honestly I think this is still cheaper compare to other BPA free plastic bottle (which we need to replace every 3 months). This eventflo bottle comes with adorable plastic cover. The best part is..I can used this cover with pureen suite perfectly..
You can buy this plastic cover only for RM28 (at Manjaku)

Emak: owh..dulu2 masa acik nuar baby dia pon guna glass bottle waktu tu takder cover..dia ada satu besi yang siap boleh bancuh..kalau dh buat susu kita gerakkan besi tu turun naik nnti dia kacau la susu tu..takyah nk goncang2 lagi..botol kimi tu ada besi tak?
Me: besi..takde pon (mak ada bg tahu brand dia tp I lupa la pulak)

I still can't imagine how the tempat bacuh susu tu ..look like

If you don't want to change your plastic or glass bottle I have other option for can use baby bottle with disposable playtex (takyah sterile..takyah rendam air panas..pakai dan buang jek liner tu)

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