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Wednesday, November 09, 2011

3 y girl eat leftovers for 2 days after mom dies

WELLINGTON, New Zealand (AP) — A 3-year-old girl comforted herself with her favorite toy and ate cheese, leftover lasagna and milk for two days after her mother died unexpectedly in their New Zealand home.
The girl's uncle, Pete Silbery, told The Associated Press on Friday that Shylah Silbery managed to open the fridge and comfort herself with a teddy bear named "Possum" after Lauren Silbery, 28, died.
The family last spoke to Lauren Silbery on Oct. 19, he said. Two days later, they were worried enough to call a friend who lived near her Wellington home. The friend could see the girl inside the home, but not the mother, prompting the family to call police, Pete Silbery said.
Police coaxed Shylah to drag a coffee table to the door so she could reach the lock and unlock the door, before she told them, "Mummy won't wake up," Silbery said.
"I can only imagine her in there for that long, trying to wake Mum up as well," he said.
Shylah spent several days in a hospital recovering from dehydration and diaper rash.
"She's doing OK now. She's still bubbly," he said. "When we lowered the coffin into the grave at the cemetery, though, she pointed at it and said 'Mummy's in there.' It was pretty heartbreaking."
Authorities are awaiting the results of an autopsy but don't believe Lauren Silbery's death was suspicious, Wellington police spokesman Victoria Davis said.
atoyissan wrote: cm ne la perasaan dia gerak2 kan mummy tp mummy tak bangun2...sebaya kimi pulak tu..


Fara said...

Kalau sy menangis bila baca entri nie, adakah sy boleh dikategorikan sbg manusia yg tak kuat?


Min Aina Ila Aina said...

Fara: Anda seorang yang memahami perasaan orang lain.

mzhany said...

a'ah kan, mesti menangis2 budak ni kejutkan mak dia. seb baek mampu bukak peti ais n pandai amek susu cheese bagai makan kan....

yatie chomeyl said...

sedihnya...menagis i baca berita ni sob sob sob

atoyis said...

fara: rasanya itu bukan dikatakan sbg tak kuat tp rasanya itu mmg naluri keibuan kita kot..rasa sedey..

m.a.i.a: setuju

mzhany: sian dia kejut2 mummy tak bangun

yatie: sedey kan


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