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Sunday, May 09, 2010

confession of a phd student

At this moment if anyone asks my opinion about PhD I rather say NO to them.  
It’s not like..poyo la ko..last minute give up (-ve side) can do it babe (+ve side). It’s not as easy as kacang tanah or kacang botak or other pokok kekacang.. especially when you are female or should I say married woman..with full of commitment and responsible...for me PhD (Permanent Head Damage) is equal to ‘macam-macam ada –ASTRO’.. sometimes your confident boost..and sometimes you lost it..even nk menatap muka SV pon tak upaya..sometimes you can feel like you can achieve it..but most of the time you just say: errr..blh ke ni..blh ke ni..and sometimes you feel like ‘..Jeanie..I wish to change my major to art.. ting.. ’ (ni yg paling bodo aku pernah pikir huhuhu..) so guys it is not easy as it look..need a lot lot lot lot lot lot of sacrifice know what I mean…sacrifice so…from now on please stay focus and concentrate on your thesis.

To all mummies out there..especially who try so hard to complete their research..I just want to wish you all …Happy Mother’s Day..I know what you feel..gannbate kudasai!!!

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joegrimjow said...

hari2 hari ibu


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