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Monday, June 13, 2011

marathon week

This is the end of my marathon day for last week. So tired tahap cipan tenuk tenggiling..all in one. Alhamdulillah everything go with the flow. More or less. Today I managed to present the result to my supervisors. Everyone satisfied except for the certain2 part which affect the accuracy of the stemmer. Never mind will get rid of it by next month..InsyaAllah.

In neural net you need to deal with a lot of uncertainty but in real life when it come to something that you do not know it take 100% of love and courage to make it happens. Toy always said " mama boleh..mama ckp jek byk masalah tp lastly mama boleh punya..betul"..Today he proved that his right. When he say I can do it that mean he  really mean sweet.."terima kasih la sebab sanggup melayan bini awak yg byk cekadak yg kekadang I sendiri pon tak tahan dengan diri I ni.." hehehe

For kimi yg byk membebel pulak..I'm so sorry sayang..tak boleh layan kimi membebel lagi..but I promised tomorrow I will take you to visit tok cik at her house. Atuk dan wan pon ada. Boleh kan 

p/s: dear all phd student..marathon week will be continue on 14 - 28 please be prepare and always be in stand by mode. 

majulah jawi untuk IT

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