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Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Viva Tips

I found useful viva tips from me at atoyissan@gmail if you want the full version..

Typical Viva Questions

Below is a list of typical viva questions (extracted from various sources). Feel free to think of your own
questions. It is also a good idea to talk to your supervisor(s) about questions which you might anticipate.

1. Please summarise your thesis

2. Summarise your key findings

3. What is original about your thesis?

4. What are the strongest / weakest parts of your work?

5. What are the main issues / debates in your subject area?

6. What were the crucial research decisions that you made?

7. How did you tackle the ethical implications of your work?

8. How did you access resources for your research?

9. How have you evaluated your work?

10. Who is your audience?

11. Why have you tackled the problem in this way?

12. What is the agreed methodology in your discipline?

13. What do your results mean?

14. Do you anticipate publishing the material? And, if so, what aspects?

15. How could you improve your thesis?

16. How has your view of the research altered or developed?

17. Does your work have value to practitioners?

18. What researchers would be interested in your work?

19. What had not been done on this topic before?

20. Who will use your material?

21. How did you manage the information you collected?

22. What models did you use?

23. Are the techniques you have used appropriate for this topic?

24. What are the theoretical underpinnings to your work?

25. How did you use a conceptual framework to design your research and analyse your findings?

26. How did your understanding of the conceptual aspects of your work help you to put a research
framework together?

27. Is your writing style appropriate for this topic?

28. Tell me how your work differs from that of x?

29. Who would be most likely to agree with your findings?

30. Who would be most likely to disagree with your findings?

31. How long do you expect your work to remain innovative?

32. What sets your work apart from others?

33. How did you resolve any issues which arose in the course of your research?

34. How did you use the x you used in your methodology?

35. What do you mean when you use the term x?

36. You seem unsure about x why is that?

37. Why should we accept your interpretation of x?

38. What have you learned from the process of doing a PhD?

39. How has the research training you have received helped you?

40. How did you deal with the fieldwork aspect of your study?

41. Do you think that your recommendations are feasible?

42. Is there scope for further study on this topic?

43. Do your contributions have a limited timescale?

44. How did you ensure that your study remained objective?

45. What have you done that merits a PhD?

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BabyIbu said...

wah takutnya...

Suliana Sulaiman said...

babyibu: ketaq lutut..

limaedua said...

klu kne soalan no. 36 tu..nangis !

Suliana Sulaiman said...

kak ju: hahaha..kalau kena gak..hantam sajalah labu..jawab je apa2 pon asalkan ada jwpan


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